Broadway Baby Keepsake Ultrasound

Broadway Baby Keepsake Ultrasound

In Denver

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The Women’s Health Group’s Broadway Baby Keepsake Ultrasound service in Denver, Colorado, you can see what your baby looks like before birth with beautiful, high-quality ultrasound photos. We will provide a 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound, so you have multiple images for your baby to enjoy for years to come.

What Is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create images from the inside of your body in real-time. Unlike other imaging such as X-rays, an ultrasound does not use radiation. Ultrasounds also do not require an incision, making them a safe and preferred method for viewing your baby as they develop during pregnancy. 

During an ultrasound, high-frequency sound waves enter your body through a transducer. These waves echo when they hit a dense object such as an organ or bones. The echos then reflect to form a picture your doctor will interpret.


Most people will have at least one ultrasound during their pregnancy as a part of routine care. If you choose to have Broadway Ultrasound perform a keepsake ultrasound, it will be a separate appointment, and it does not replace a medical ultrasound performed by your physician. 

2D Ultrasound

A 2D ultrasound produces flat-looking, black and white images of the fetus. This type of ultrasound is fascinating for many parents and can show your baby’s profile or determine the baby’s sex.

3D Ultrasound

A 3D ultrasound combines multiple 2D ultrasound images at different angles. Many parents prefer 3D ultrasounds because it allows them a better idea of their child’s appearance.

4D Ultrasound

If you want to see your baby in motion, you’ll enjoy our 4D ultrasound option, in which the image updates continuously to look like a video. Our 4D ultrasounds allow you to see your baby wave, open their eyes or even make silly faces. 

Our Keepsake Ultrasound Options

For the best images of your baby, we recommend scheduling your keepsake ultrasound at 20 to 30 weeks or 22 to 28 weeks for twins or triplets. 

Our keepsake ultrasounds include:

  • Quick and easy 25-minute ultrasound appointments.
  • 15 to 20 digital 2D and 3D pictures.
  • A keepsake USB with your digital 4D video.

Drink plenty of water for the five days leading up to your appointment. Staying hydrated will help with the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby and allow us to see your little one. We recommend eating a light meal with a piece of fruit in the hour before your appointment so your baby will be moving and ready for pictures. 

Contact Us Today for a 3D Ultrasound in Denver, Colorado

At Broadway Baby Keepsake Ultrasound, we want to help you celebrate your pregnancy for years to come. Our trained technicians are eager to help you capture stunning images of your baby in 2D and 4D so you can see your baby before it arrives. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, call us at 303-280-2229 today! 


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