Gender Discovery Ultrasound


Gender Discovery Ultrasound


Gender Discovery Ultrasound Reveal

Terms and Conditions:

  • Broadway Baby Ultrasound options require FULL PAYMENT at time of scheduling and is nonrefundable, but can be rescheduled. We will do our absolute best to get the perfect picture, but please know some babies are shy and may hide from the camera.
  • This offer is valid at The Women’s Health Group, PLLC Thornton, Lafayette and Broomfield locations.
  • Broadway Baby is not covered by insurance and is not intended to be a diagnostic examination.
  • Broadway Baby Only: for a pregnancy with multiple gestations, an additional $40 is applicable each additional gestation. Allow more time for this session.
  • Non-Women’s Health Group patients welcome. Proof of anatomy scan will be required.
  • Due to privacy laws and the technical nature of an ultrasound appointment, absolutely NO VIDEO RECORDING allowed.

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Updated Visitor Policy

Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in Colorado, we are no longer allowing visitors of any age. We understand that this is an inconvenience and potential child care cost for our patients, but the safety of our patients and health care providers is our top priority.

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