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A hysterectomy is an operation to remove the uterus or womb. During a hysterectomy, your doctor will remove the entire uterus and fallopian tubes and ovaries if needed. Since this procedure results in infertility, it is typically a treatment option for after you are finished having children. 

The Women’s Health Group is here to help you explore your options when it comes to your hysterectomy procedure. Our caring and compassionate providers can walk you through every step of the process and answer any questions. Our goal is to make this procedure as painless as possible to help improve your quality of life. 


What Is a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy?

There are three methods your doctor may use when performing a hysterectomy. For a minimally invasive hysterectomy, many doctors will use a laparoscopic method. During a laparoscopic hysterectomy, your doctor will make a small incision in your stomach and then insert a small tube with a tiny camera. This camera allows your doctor to easily see inside your body as they remove your uterus and other reproductive organs. 

Should I Get a Robotic-Assisted Hysterectomy?

Your doctor may recommend a robotic-assisted hysterectomy if you have irregularly shaped pelvic organs or surgical scars from other procedures. All of our doctors use the da Vinci® surgical system to control the movement of the surgical instruments. A da Vinci® robotic hysterectomy allows your doctor to get into smaller spaces with ease and have a better view during the procedure. 

Our robotic-assisted surgery is safe and creates smaller incisions, less pain and a faster recovery time. During a robotic-assisted hysterectomy, your surgeon makes three or four small incisions near the belly button. The surgeon will then attach the laparoscope and other surgical tools to the arms of the computer, which will then assist the instruments’ movements  during the rest of the surgery, while still being controlled by your surgeon.

Your surgeon will remove your uterus through the vagina. Depending on your needs, your surgeon may also remove the fallopian tubes and ovaries during this time as well. After finishing the surgery, your surgeon will seal the incisions with one or two stitches. 

Learn More About Our Hysterectomy Options at The Women’s Health Group

Whether you need a laparoscopic hysterectomy or are looking at a robotic-assisted option our providers are ready to help. We invite you to contact The Women’s Health Group to schedule an appointment today.


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