IUI/ICI services

IUI/ICI services

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ICI and ICU Fertility Services

If you and your partner are facing challenges conceiving, artificial insemination is one of the most common fertility treatments available. Whether you’re a woman struggling with infertility, your partner has a low sperm count or you prefer donor sperm, artificial insemination can be used to increase the likelihood of you getting pregnant. 

The Women’s Health Group is here to help you and your partner on your journey to build your family. We offer two types of artificial insemination —  intracervical insemination (ICI) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). We would be happy to walk you through the artificial insemination process to ensure you choose the best method for your situation.

The Artificial Insemination Process

Conceiving a child requires that a man’s sperm fertilizes an egg. However, a variety of factors can inhibit this process. Sometimes sperm mobility is not high enough to make the trip. Other times, conditions like endometriosis or other reproductive issues make it difficult for women to conceive. Artificial insemination is a less invasive fertility method that delivers sperm directly to the uterus or cervix, helping healthy sperm get closer to the egg.

If you have been attempting to get pregnant for some time with no success, it may be time to consider pursuing ICI or IUI fertility treatment. 

Once you and your provider have decided to try ICI/IUI we perform these procedures through our practice at our North Thornton location

Before starting, we recommend monitoring your ovulation cycle. Your doctor at the Women’s Health Group may recommend medication to induce ovulation, which can increase your likelihood of releasing multiple eggs.

ICI Services

Intracervical insemination involves inserting your partner’s sperm or donor sperm into the passageway just outside the uterus, called the cervix. 

Your provider will use a specialized syringe or cervical cap to insert the sperm. Once treatment is complete, you will be requested to lie down for 15 to 30 minutes, allowing the sperm to move up from your cervix into the uterus. After that, you can go about your daily activities. After two weeks or more, you can take a pregnancy test to determine if your ICI was successful.

This approach can also be used at home under your doctor’s instructions. 

IUI Services

Intrauterine insemination is similar to ICI. However, the inserted sperm is delivered past the cervix and directly into the uterus. The insemination process is mostly the same, with a few distinct differences.

IUI is usually performed at our office using specially prepared sperm. Whether from your partner or a donor, the semen is prepared before insemination to remove proteins that could impact fertilization. This process makes the sperm more concentrated and can potentially increase the likelihood of you conceiving.

A speculum makes the uterus easier to access. A thin instrument is then inserted into the vagina, placing the sperm directly into the uterus. 

Learn More About Our Artificial Insemination Services in Metro Denver

If you believe that our ICI or IUI services could help you and your partner conceive, we invite you to contact a Women’s Health Group location or Seasons Midwifery and Birth Center to schedule an appointment. 


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