Heartburn Prevention

  • Try eating several small meals a day, instead of three large meals.
  • Avoid greasy, fried, or highly seasoned foods.
  • Avoid coffee and cigarettes.
  • Drink plenty of liquids (at least 2 quarts) daily.
  • Wear clothing that is loose around the waist.
  • Do not lie down right after eating.
  • Sleep and rest with the head slightly elevated.

Useful Remedies

  • Sipping on water, milk, or carbonated water, or eating a tablespoon of yogurt may help with symptoms.
  • Sitting up. Lying down can make heartburn worse. A leisurely walk reduces heartburn for some women; for others sitting quietly and breathing deeply is helpful.
  • Antacids, on occasion, will relieve symptoms. Some may reduce mineral absorption and contain ingredients (e.g., aluminum) that may be harmful in large amounts. Make sure you check with your physician as to which antacids are safe during pregnancy.

Medicines To Avoid

  • Avoid the use of heartburn medications containing aspirin-like Alka-Seltzer® because aspirin should not be taken during pregnancy.
  • Avoid the use of heartburn medicines that contain large amounts of sodium (e.g., baking soda, soda mint, Rolaids®, Alka-Seltzer®).

Helpful Hints

  • Eliminate hot and spicy foods from your diet.
  • Eat small meals.
  • Walk 15 minutes after meals.
  • Sit upright a half hour after meals.
  • If heartburn continues, try Tums. If heartburn still continues, consult with your care provider.