Important Dates in Your Pregnancy

Key Weeks During Your Pregnancy

First Visit

5-12 Weeks
This includes a full physical exam with pelvic exam and your initial laboratory work. After this, visits are approximately once per month if no complications are identified.
11-13 Weeks Integrated Screen: 1st blood draw and NT screening ultrasound
This is an optional test for Down syndrome, neural tube defects, and Trisomy 18 involving a specialized ultrasound and blood draw. This test isn’t complete until your second blood draw approximately one month later.
15-17 Weeks Integrated Screen: 2nd blood draw
Final test results are available about one week later.
16-20 Weeks Quad Screen: This is another optional screen for Down syndrome, neural tube defects and other major chromosomal abnormalities which may be offered it if is too late in the pregnancy to perform the serum integrated test.
19-21 Weeks Ultrasound: This is a screening test for birth defects. This may be scheduled separately from your OB visit, but can usually be done on the same day. This may be the only ultrasound done during your pregnancy. (Please see the ultrasound handout for details.)
24-28 Weeks Diabetes screen: One-hour glucola test. Rhogam: If your blood type is Rh negative, you will have blood drawn and receive a Rhogam shot at this visit as well.
30-32 Weeks Visit frequency increases to every two weeks.
36 Weeks Group B Strep culture
We will review instructions on how and when to notify us in case of labor. This is a good time to review a delivery plan if you have one. We will perform cervical exams to monitor for dilation and see you at least once a week until delivery at this point.
40 Weeks DUE DATE-this is an estimate! Very few people deliver on their due date; you are most likely to deliver between 38-41 weeks./td>

Frequency of visits is subject to change if there are any medical complications encountered during pregnancy. Please bring a list of any questions you might have to your office visits.