Physiologic Birth

Physiologic Birth

In Denver

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When the terms “natural” and “a certain kind of birth” are used, they muddy the waters and can cause some born families to feel excessively bound to this ideal and guilty if it does not become their reality. The premise of a natural birth can be affected by other complications, but there is no doubt that hiring a midwife and giving birth at home is one of the most important things you can get away with at birth. But there are others who may have been ashamed of the complications and premises of natural birth.

However, supporting the normal physiological process of birth and delivery, even in the event of such complications, has the potential to improve the best outcomes for mother and child. It is important that the focus on the aspects of normal physiological birth contribute to changing the state of illness in which authority lies outside of the woman, in which authority lies with the doctor, and in which all decisions and responsibilities are shared between the woman and the doctor as one for well-being and well-being. In order to promote care and practice that promote physiological birth, we must also consider improving accessibility and promoting practices that lead to an increase in ‘normal’ or ‘physiological’ birth.


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