Protecting Your Birth: A Guide For Black Mothers

A recent New York Times article outlined the increased risk factors that black women face during pregnancy. Women’s Health Group’s Steve Volin, MD, comments on the article and says:

  • There is practically no place where the effects of systemic racism cannot be found and unfortunately, the OB-GYN field is no exception. Throughout the time that these statistics have been collected, women of color in America have suffered worse pregnancy outcomes than white women. At the WHG, we are aware of these statistics, we acknowledge the existence of these biases in health care, and are working to provide excellent care for all our patients. Our primary mission is to provide great outcomes for everyone regardless of their race or social situation.
  •  Pregnant black women suffer from higher rates of preterm birth, pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure disorders of pregnancy), and postpartum hemorrhage. We are aware of these statistics and will continue to work hard to get better outcomes.
  • If you are a woman of color, the article has great suggestions for how you can advocate for yourself, how you can understand more of the risks you may face, and how you can help mitigate these risks through good care and open communication with your health care team members.
  • At the WHG, we are focused on helping ALL women to have healthy babies and to have a great childbirth experience. Please let us know how we can help meet your particular needs.


Read the New York Times Article 

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