Reproductive Choice

Reproductive Choice

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The reproductive movement in the US has experienced many controversies, but abortion has rarely been a matter of choice. Some argue that choice is never truly free; it is conditioned by circumstances, and abortion is rarely a matter of free choice, as it has been argued.

Today, reproductive and genetic medicine is trying to escape its eugenic legacy by emphasizing the right of women to choose freely whether or not to use reproductive technology. There are compelling reasons to believe that the use of reproductive technology can be a morally correct choice, especially for those who want to prevent their children’s future and immense suffering. If there is a human right to life, freedom and happiness for a person with a disability, this is another reason to safeguard the dignity and value of that person’s disability.

In the 1990 “s, LWVUS joined the national pro-choice coalition and began work on the Freedom of Choice Act, which was intended to translate the principles of Roe v. Wade into federal law. The league is also working on proposals to ban late-term abortions without affecting women’s right to reproductive choices under Title X of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In 2010, the League affirmed that individuals have a consistent constitutional right to privacy when making their own reproductive decisions, and said the proposed rule violates that right by prohibiting access to abortion services in clinics receiving TitleX funds.

If a woman’s pregnancy harms her health or she simply does not want the baby, a doctor cannot consent to an abortion. Instead, the law does not provide protection for doctors who decide that abortion is best for a woman’s health. 


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