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Options for Monitoring Your Breast Health

Keeping up with your breast health is an important part of your annual care routine. The specialists at the Women's Health Group can help.

Many women experience problems with their breast health. It is important to get checked regularly to ensure that no problems are developing. We work with women who are experiencing discomfort, are breastfeeding, or who simply have concerns. We also offer mammography and BRCA testing.

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3D In-Office Mammography

3D Mammograms for Breast Health

A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast that tests for early signs of cancer. Mammogram screenings should be scheduled once you reach the age of 40 and will take place annually or biannually until you turn 65. After 65, you can choose to have a mammogram every two years or continue a yearly screening.

A 3D mammogram is an advanced imaging machine that combines multiple breast X-rays to create a three-dimensional picture of the breast. This advanced imaging technology can detect abnormalities that may not appear on a standard mammogram and reduces the need for additional imaging. 

What To Expect During Your Mammogram

The Women's Health Group makes getting a 3D mammogram as easy and convenient as possible by offering this advanced imaging service in-office. During your screening, you will stand in front of an X-ray machine. A technologist will place your breast on a plate while another plate from above presses down firmly. These plates flatten your breast and keep it still while the machine takes an X-ray.

We take great pride in providing patients with a sensitive and compassionate care environment. Our in-office 3D Mammography suite represents one of the most advanced clinics available. Some benefits of scheduling a mammogram with us include:

Same Day Availability
Continuity of Care
Insurance Coverage

When to Get A Mammogram

The symptoms of breast cancer are different for every woman. If you notice an abnormality, see your doctor as soon as possible. Some possible signs of breast cancer include:

- A lump in your breast

- Swelling of the lymph nodes

- Pain in your breasts

- Heaviness in your breasts

- Swelling, thickening or redness on the breast skin

- Changes in the appearance of your nipple (such as your nipple turning inward)

- Nipple discharge with or without the presence of blood

- Peeling, scaling, or flaking on your breasts

Normal Changes To Your Breasts

Your breasts are subject to change at any age. If you gain or lose weight, you may notice a difference in the size of your breasts. Some life stages can also cause a change in your breast size, including:

Puberty: During puberty, you may experience swelling, tenderness or a lumpy feeling before or after menstruation.

Pregnancy: Similar to puberty, your breasts may feel tender and become larger when you are pregnant.

Menopause: As you experience menopause, your breasts may become softer and begin to sag or wrinkle.

Schedule Your Mammogram With Us Today

If you would like to schedule a mammogram or would like to speak to one of our specialists about symptoms possibly related to breast cancer, we invite you to contact The Women's Health Group at your nearest location to schedule an appointment today.

We make scheduling an appointment easy! Tell your provider or front desk staff, or schedule at your convenience by calling 303-280-2229.

When should I get a mammogram?

Most experts in women's health agree with having a mammogram at 40+ years of age. That is still the gold standard for breast health.

What is the likelihood that I have breast cancer?
The chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer increases with age - 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
What are the benefits of a mammogram?

A screening 3D mammogram greatly increases the chances of detecting most anomalies at their earliest stage. That’s why our practice subscribes to these recommendations and offers in-office 3D mammography to all of our patients.

Are mammograms safe?
While mammograms do expose the breasts to small amounts of radiation, the doses of radiation are extremely low and the procedure is considered to be very safe.
How do I prepare for my mammogram?
If you experience breast tenderness around or during your period, we recommend scheduling your appointment at a different time during the month when your breasts are less sensitive. Avoid using deodorant, lotion, oils, or talcum powder, as these substances can appear on the images. Lastly, try to relax. We will take exceptional care of you. 
Do 3D mammograms use compression or pressure?
Yes. Flattening your breast tissue creates less tissue overlap and allows us to obtain a better image of the anatomy or potential abnormalities. 
How long before I get my results?
Your 3D mammogram results will be available the same day as your screening, and typically only take about 15 minutes to produce. 
Who should get a 3D mammogram?
3D mammography is best suited for women with dense breast tissue, as glandular and fatty  tissue can appear white or gray on the film, making it difficult for the radiologist to differentiate cancer from dense, non-cancerous tissues.